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2022-03-12 06:17:33 By : Ms. Catherine Zhou

Whether it’s a warm, balmy evening or a grey winter’s day, outdoor lighting can create a desired ambience and add style and function to external areas.

HLS Designs – Lighting Design Service and Averna Homes Design Associate Aaron van den Dungen said outdoor lighting had become an important part of the overall lighting design, especially in the new home market.

“Alfresco areas have become an integral factor when designing a new home, as clients wish to incorporate the alfresco as part of the home, not a separate entity,” he said.

“Most new homes will include large glass walls as part of the construction detail to take advantage of the outdoor views, so lighting will always play an important role in this aspect.”

Echoing this sentiment, Dorrington Homes Director and Builder Chris Dorrington said outdoor lighting was essential in any home and, when designed well, would create the right mood and ambience for your space.

“Functionality should always come first when selecting lighting for a particular area of your home,” he said.

“When it comes to the outdoor alfresco and entertainment area, it is important to first select your lighting based on how you intend to use the space day to day.

“For instance, landscaping lights are great at highlighting features within your garden, while pool lighting helps showcase your pool at night and step/path lights can help light the way without overpowering the ambience in the dark.

“Lighting temperature should also be considered as part of the overall design, to work with the feel you are going to create.”

Illuminating your outdoor zone has never been more economical and efficient due to LED lighting, with Mr van den Dungen saying options vary from garden spike lights and strip lighting, through to in-ground uplights that highlight architectural aspects of the home.

The experts shared their bright outdoor lighting ideas.

Mr Dorrington said deck lights were a good way to show the height or level changes in your deck.

“Deck lighting can also shine up to create features against walls, trees and plants,” he said.

The perfect cost-effective option, solar lighting is readily available and comes in a variety of styles, colours and tones.

“Solar lights are a great product to place into your garden to set and forget,” Mr Dorrington said.

According to Mr van den Dungen, garden lighting has the ability to highlight certain architectural features, including the garden landscape design.

“It provides an ambient outlook from the home to bring the garden and landscape design to life,” he said. “LED garden lighting can be provided as 12V or 24V, so it can be quite easy to install.”

Mr Dorrington recommended choosing quality garden lights due to their exposure to the weather.

“You want them to last a long time, so it is worth spending money on garden lights,” he said.

A must-have in an alfresco area, exterior ceiling lights are used to illuminate large outdoor entertainment areas.

“Recessed LED ceiling lighting is discreet and provides excellent light generation over outdoor dining and entertaining areas,” Mr van den Dungen said.

Growing in popularity, strip lighting can be utilised in a wide selection of lighting applications, according to Mr van den Dungen.

“It can be used on the steps, alfresco ceiling, pool area or under cabinetry,” he said.

“Strip lighting is extremely minimalistic and can provide amazing lighting effects to specific areas around the home where standard lighting fixtures cannot be used.”

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