Having A Nice House Is Expensive, But These 45 Simple Hacks Make It So Much More Affordable

2022-03-12 06:17:19 By : Mr. JACK PENG

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If you’re someone who spends a lot of time at home, then chances are you also spend a lot of time thinking of ways to improve your home. Whether it’s a new organizer or some handy kitchen tools, it feels like there are always ways to spruce up your home. But home improvements can also get pretty expensive. Luckily Amazon has tons of easy, affordable hacks that make it a breeze to upgrade your living.

If you’re looking to add some new decor to your home, this set of minimalist vases is perfect for adding an elegant yet rustic touch. And they’d look great sitting on one of these floating shelves designed to fit in a corner.

For some extra coziness, this faux fur throw blanket is a super soft option, plus it comes in dozens of colors. When you’re not using the blanket, you can keep it in this handy storage ottoman that is both comfortable and functional.

Whether you’re trying to improve your bathroom experience with a new showerhead or want a container that will keep your food fresh for longer, there are tons of ways to make your home feel more expensive than it actually is. Keep reading for tons of finds from Amazon that are not only affordable, but will make your life so much better.

Even if you’re renting your house or apartment and aren’t able to do renovations, there are still cosmetic changes you can make to your home. This faux-marble backsplash tile uses a strong adhesive to stick to your walls so it’s easily removable. The tile is an easy way to add an updated look to your kitchen or bathroom without having to break out the caulk.

Even if your cabinets are timeless, the hardware can make them look outdated. Luckily, it’s easy to swap out your old cabinet handles with these stainless steel handles coated in brushed brass. The handles easily screw onto your cabinets and can be bought in singles or in bulk, depending on how many cabinets you have.

You can never have too many mirrors. In addition to being handy, they also make your home feel more spacious. This circular mirror has a gold-colored edge that hangs on the wall with a dainty chain. “I love this mirror. It’s so cute and adds an elegant touch,” wrote one reviewer.

Light up your yard or porch with this 12-pack of solar-powered lights. These lights have a stake that goes into the ground, while the top of a solar panel has 8-10 hours of power after being exposed to eight hours of sunshine. The lights are durable and waterproof, so you can leave them out year-round.

Add these lightweight sheer curtains to your home that add a romantic look to your room. These curtains block enough light to keep out the harshest sun, but still sheer enough to keep your living room or bedroom bright. The curtains come in 15 colors and a variety of lengths to fit your windows.

Usually, you have to choose between having a scented candle or having a tall tapered candle. These tapered candles are scented, so you get the best of both worlds. Made from soy wax, these candles smell like amber and sandalwood and come in coordinated colors.

There’s something about candelabras that make your home feel elegant and sophisticated. This metal candelabra holds up to five candles and has ornate details that give it a vintage touch. This piece can easily be disassembled for easy storage and cleanup. It makes for a great centerpiece at a dinner party.

Add some fresh or dried to these ceramic vases for a chic rustic look. This set of three vases has a distressed white finish with cracked paint details. Each vase looks elegant but still casual. They also come with felt pads on the bottom to avoid scratching or slipping. “Really nice quality and exactly the size I was looking for to accent different areas in my home,” wrote one reviewer.

Hang up your towels in style with steel towel hooks. The modern geometric hooks can be easily installed and can hold up to 22 pounds. The hooks are rustproof and waterproof, which makes them perfect for the humidity of the bathroom or laundry room.

Having plants around the house adds warmth and brightness to your home, but not everyone has the green thumb to keep them alive. These decorative artificial plants are great for decorating your home or office, especially in areas that don’t get a lot of sunlight. The plants come in a set of three and have a distressed vase for a rustic touch.

Make your mirror feel like a glamorous space to get ready with these adhesive vanity lights. The set of 10 dimmable bulbs comes with adhesive stickers so they’re easy to apply to your mirror. They’re great for doing your makeup, as they provide a bright yet soft light without emitting too much heat.

Instead of spending extra money buying an expensive cup of coffee, make your own coffee for cheaper with this espresso and cappuccino maker. The compact machine takes up minimal space on your counter and makes up to four cups. The machine also has a built-in frother so you can even get the creamy foam of your local coffee shop.

Organize your books, photo frames, and trinkets on these floating shelves that fit snuggly into the corners of your home. The L-shaped shelves are perfect for rooms where you have to maximize wall space. The shelves come in a set of four and are made from wood with matte metal brackets.

An ottoman is a great way to recline without having to take up the whole couch. This storage ottoman allows you to comfortably rest your legs on a cushioned bench which doubles as a handy storage container. Use it to store extra blankets, pillows, books, or anything else you don’t want lying around in the open. The ottoman comes in six neutral colors.

You can never have too many blankets lying around your house. This cozy faux fur blanket is perfect for snuggling up on the couch while watching some TV, but it also comes in sizes big enough for a king or queen-sized bed. In addition to being super soft, this blanket looks chic enough that you’ll want to leave it out as part of the decor.

If your entryway or closet is cluttered with shoes strewn all over the floor, then you might want to get things organized with this 3-tier shoe rack. The metal rack has a minimalist design and can hold 12-20 pairs of shoes, depending on their size. The rack is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any tools.

Place these asymmetrical vases around your house for some minimalist decor. The vases come in three different sizes, with differing but complementary colors. They’re for holding flowers or branches, or just standing on their own. “The colors and craftsmanship [are] amazing!” raved one reviewer.

Most nightlights are designed for function, not appearance. These LED night lights are designed for both, with a warm glow that provides light in your bathroom or hallway and a design reminiscent of a vintage street lamp. They are light-sensitive, so they turn on automatically when it gets dark.

If you want the warm glow of candles without the hassle of a lit flame, then these flameless candles are a great option. Designed to look like real tree trunks, these battery-operated candles come with a remote control to adjust the brightness of the flame and set a timer. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about blowing them out.

One reviewer wrote that these rustic wall sconces “create a really romantic atmosphere” while adding that they also “look very elegant.” The sconces come in a kit including jars, fairy lights, artificial flowers, and a wood panel, so you can assemble it yourself as a fun craft project. Each set comes with two sconces.

When you step out of the shower, you want your bathmat to absorb as much water as possible so your floor doesn’t get wet. This set of bath mats is made from an extra absorbent microfiber material that is super soft on your feet. “They are beautiful, thick, nonslip, and reasonably priced,” wrote one reviewer.

Whether you want a spot to display some framed photos or create a home bar, this glass tower shelf is a great option. With three tiers, this glass shelf is triangular-shaped so it’s perfect for putting in the corner of a room. The shelving unit has non-slip feet, so it won’t move around. “This unit was very easy to put together, and it’s a very attractive addition to the bathroom,” wrote one reviewer.

Keep your home smelling fresh with this essential oil diffuser with changing colors. This diffuser has a 500-milliliter capacity and can switch between seven different colors. The mister can run for up to 16 hours and doubles as a humidifier. “If I leave it on overnight I don’t need to worry about it running low!” raved one reviewer.

If you want to reduce particles and irritants in your air, try his compact air purifier. The purifier is small enough to fit on your desk or on a shelf without taking up too much room. Despite its tiny size, this device can purify the air in a 100 square feet space, helping to remove dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other irritants that could be in your air.

Add some floral centerpiece to your dining table with this set of square glass vases. The vases come in a set of three and can be used to hold fresh flowers, a small plant, or even a candle. They look great grouped together but can also be used separately as decor throughout the house.

A full wine rack can take up too much space. This countertop wine rack holds six bottles and is compact enough to fit in small spaces. The rack has a rustic wooden base with metal details and there is no assembly required. “It looks like I paid way more than I did for it,” praised one customer.

Forgot about light switches — you can control these lightbulbs with your voice. The smart lightbulbs can connect your Amazon Alexa or Google Home so you can adjust the color and brightness with voice controls. Whether you want a warm white light or a moody purple glow, these lightbulbs have tons of options.

If you love having plants in your house but struggle to remember when to water them, then you’ll want this self-watering planter that makes it so easy to care for your greenery. The planter has a section to store water that automatically moistens the soil when needed. It also has a water level indicator so your plants will never go dry.

Sometimes you’re cooking and want to add some salt or pepper to a dish, but don’t have both hands free. This electric salt and pepper grinder set relies on gravity, so all you have to do is turn them upside down and they’ll automatically start grinding. It also has a built-in LED light so you can really see where you’re seasoning.

Misting your oil allows you to get more precise coverage while cooking. This mister bottle is perfect for spraying olive oil, or any other liquid you use while cooking. The bottle can hold 100 milliliters and comes with a funnel, so you can easily transfer the oil, and a bottle brush for easy cleaning.

There’s something about a dispenser on the wall of a shower that makes me feel like I’m in a fancy hotel. This wall-mounted dispenser is great for holding your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, so you don’t have to balance bottles on various ledges. It also comes with labeled stickers so you can mark which dispenser is for which product.

If you’re going for a farmhouse look in your bathroom, or just want something simple, then this glass soap dispenser is the way to go. With its minimalist look and rustic wooden tag, this soap dispenser is an Amazon favorite. “It’s so beautiful that I ordered more to replace other soap dispensers in my home,” raved one reviewer.

Coring apples can be an annoying but necessary task, especially if you’re making something like apple pie. This apple corer has an ergonomic handle that’s easy to grip with a stainless steel blade that easily cuts through the apples. It’s dishwasher safe and comes in seven colors.

Add some shabby chic decor to your home with these tasseled throw pillow covers. These zippered covers have tiers of tassels and come in over 20 colors. The covers can be thrown in the wash without damaging the tassels. One reviewer wrote that the cover “had minimal shedding in the wash and held up well.”

These LED strip lights come with adhesive tape so you can easily attach them to the underside of your cabinets to provide extra light while cooking or cleaning. The battery-operated turn on and off with a simple tap. They can also be used to provide lighting in closets, on stairs, or in other poorly-lit places.

We’ve all had the slightly embarrassing experience of not being able to open a tightly-sealed jar. This jar opener attaches to the underside of your cabinets and easily twists off the lid on jars of jam, pickles, or any other food you’re having trouble opening. It can even open small bottles like nail polish.

Improve your wine drinking experience with this electric wine opener that comes with bonus accessories. This wine opener removes the cork from your bottle with just the push of a button. It also comes with a foil cutting tool to remove the foil cap and a decanting attachment to help improve the pour and taste of your wine.

Sometimes you want to change the angle of the TV or the distance it sits from the couch. This TV wall mount makes it easy to tilt, turn, and extend your TV in all different directions. The installation is simple and the mount comes with all the accessories needed to attach it to the wall.

Get the most out of your outlets with this multi-plug extender that has seven ports. With three USB slots, three two-prong charging ports, and one three-prong charging port, this extender allows you to charge your phone, computer, tablet, and other devices in one spot, while still having room to plug in a lamp or other device.

Don’t you hate when you buy fresh parsley or basil and it wilts before you can use it? This fresh herb keeper helps air circulate and keeps the herbs hydrated so they stay fresh for weeks instead of days. “I had a bunch of cilantro in there for about a month,” wrote one reviewer. “It was still as fresh as the day I bought it.”

Cereal boxes never have a good enough seal to keep the food fresh. These dry food dispensers are perfect for keeping cereal fresh and making it easier to serve in the morning. The dispensers fill from the top and release by turning a knob. They also work for storing other dry foods like granola or candy.

There’s nothing more relaxing than a luxurious shower. This showerhead is designed to mimic rain falling and provides a wide stream of water. The head has soft silicone jets, which help prevent buildup from hard water. “Water flow feels amazing,” wrote one reviewer.

Switch up the way you tell time with this light-up word clock. Instead of the usual hands that move around a clock to tell time, this word clock displays the time by spelling out the numbers. The words are lit up with LED lights, making for a fun display in your living room or office.

After you come in from the rain, store your umbrella in this metal umbrella stand that will keep the water from running everywhere. This stand has a removable dish in its base so it can collect water from the umbrellas, which can easily be dumped out. The stand also has hooks for hanging umbrellas or purses.

Next time you have a fancy wine and cheese night, come prepared with this bamboo charcuterie board. The board has indents to hold crackers, fruit, and other snacks, as well as a flat board for cutting cheese. There is also a drawer that pulls out to store four different styles of cheese knives.