Building? Remodeling? The right lighting plan elevates your design and completes your home project (sponsored) - Lakewood/East Dallas

2022-09-09 20:34:31 By : Ms. Junny Gu

It’s said that property values are all about “location, location, location”.

But “lighting” plays a big role, too. Proper outdoor lighting, that is.

Neighbor Richard Lentz, owner and founder of Lentz Landscape Lighting, knows that better than anyone, having used his lighting company to create lighting elegance in new-build, newly remodeled and existing older homes since 1986.

“A house isn’t finished until it’s finished outside,” he says. “After going to all the trouble to remodel or rebuild, why not complete the project with magnificent lighting?”

Lentz says landscape lighting accomplishes three major benefits: aesthetics, security and safety — with the second two serving as bonus perks.

“When installed properly, outdoor lighting in neighborhoods lets owners feel secure without the feel of a prison spotlight. It’s beauty-focused and doesn’t advertise ‘security’, but that’s what it provides. Peeping Toms don’t like lots of light, so it’s an excellent crime deterrent.

“Regarding safety, a well-crafted landscape lighting plan illuminates steps and unexpected elevations so that guests can avoid tripping or walk around a pool at night without misjudging the edge and falling in.”

Lentz worked for an engineering firm for 10 years, which prepped him for lighting expertise.

“Our clients often come back asking us to do additional properties for them,” he says. “One reason for that is that Lentz Landscape Lighting employees stick around. My master electrician has been onboard 36 years, head of installation for 33 years, the rest for 10-20 years. We don’t have a lot of newcomers on our team, but we do have lots of experience. This team is the backbone of the company.”

Exterior lighting isn’t the only thing offered by Lentz Landscape Lighting. Clients often don’t realize the strategic role interior lighting plays, Lentz says, suggesting that homeowners ask him about customer-comfort solutions, including over- and under-counter lighting, chandeliers and — really important during neighborhood brownouts — the sizing, placement and installation of automatic home generators.

“Lakewood’s calling card is its grand homes and mature trees. We specialize in maintaining historical integrity, including working with vintage light fixtures.” Lentz says.

Lentz Lightscape Lighting can advise homeowners where to use warm or cool lights, group artistic features like sculptures, fountains and favorite garden spots.

Lentz says successful planning isn’t so much about how many lights are installed, but light-source placement and shielding. Installers angle the way a light shines to achieve a desired design effect. Even something as simple as converting incandescent lights to the correct color of LEDs results in energy savings for homeowners.

With the extreme weather swings Lakewood and East Dallas have had in recent winters and this summer, why invest in sophisticated outdoor lighting systems if it’s too hot or cold out there to enjoy it?

“I like to bring the outside indoors,” he says. “With a well-planned landscape lighting plan, homeowners can admire their beautiful gardens from the comfort of indoors, regardless of external temperatures.

“With every project I do, I try to find the special aspect of it, get my creative juices going and throw away anything cookie-cutter. It’s a fun business.”

Complete your home’s architectural attributes with proper lighting today by calling Richard Lentz with Lentz Landscape Lighting.


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