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2022-08-19 20:46:11 By : Ms. Mamie Lai

By Cult of Mac Deals • 2:00 pm, August 18, 2022

Why settle for one lamp when you can grab one that does two things at once? This LED lamp lights up your room in a big way, but also gives you a smaller, more focused lamp for reading, crafting etc.

This vibrant LED floor lamp broad spectrum light and a focused reading lamp, and it’s on sale for $34.99 (regularly $52) for a limited time. Even better, 50 cents of your purchase will help a school or charity as part of our Back to Education event. You’ll receive an email to vote on organizations that provide kids’ school lunches, fill school-funding gaps and more!

The lamp has two lights, both using LEDs, which consume less energy than incandescent bulbs. That’s not just good for the environment (and your wallet): LEDs leave your space brighter and cooler. They also last quite long, emitting light for up to 50,000 hours before you need to replace them.

The top lamp has a 32W head that can bounce light into the whole room, filling your space. A 4.4-pound base and sturdy metal construction keep the lamp steady. And there’s both a touch panel and remote control to configure your lights with four brightness and color temperature settings.

The “daughter” lamp is a 9W light on the side of the lamppost. It’s easily adjustable, with 90-degree rotation both left and right, so you can read or to throw more light on various tasks.

Charging the remote is easy, too, thanks to a pogo pin magnetic connector built into the lamp. Just slot the remote in, and it charges up, making it easy to find.

This Metal Mother Daughter LED Floor Lamp gives you the light you need to study and get work done for $34.99 (regularly $52). And as part of our Back to Education promotion, we’ll announce which organization ultimately received your contribution after the event ends on August 24, 2022.